Rumi Phos

Rumiphos is an injectable preparation having Sodium Acid Phosphate and Methylcobalamin. Rumiphos maintains positive energy balance in ruminants and ensures higher reproductive efficiency by providing inorganic phosphorous and energy vitamin Methylcobalamin (active form of Vitamin B12)

  • Each ml contains:

    Sodium Acid Phosphate:


    400mg 100mg

    • Improves reproductive performance by maintaining positive energy balance
    • Improves ovulatory functions and enhances conception rate
    • Reduces chance of anestrous due to phosphorous deficiency
    • Prevents delayed maturity in heifers
    • Effective against Pica and post-parturient haemoglobinuria

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    • Large animals: 15ml/day by I/M route on 1st and 3rd day
    • Small animals: 5ml/day by I/M route on 1st and 3rd day
    • Presentation: 30ml vial

  • 30ml vial


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