Proud is a magical nutritional supplement for first critical 30 days after parturition to assure300 days of profitable lactation. Proud contains a unique blend of macro and micro minerals, lantibiotics, beta glucan, mannan oligosacchride and unique antioxidants.

  • Each bolus contains: Macro minerals Micro minerals
    Multi probiotics Prebiotic Amino acids

  • Most effective in the prevention of post partum complications:

    • Reduces chances of ROP, milk fever, mastitis and metritis
    • Provides higher and sustained peak milk yield
    • Increases total milk yield and improves fat%
    • Ensures early onset of estrus

  • Improves the treatment response in mastitis and metritis when given as supportive therapy :

    • Accelerates mastitis and metritis treatment response
    • Prevents sudden drop in milk yield
    • Faster recovery of milk yield
    • Least chances of relapse of infection

  • For prevention of post partum complications:

    1 bolus bid orally for 24 days starting from the day of straining

    For mastitis and metritis supportive therapy:

    1 bolus bid orally for 6 days

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