Mofoi is fourth generation fluoroquinolone with high efficacy in respiratory, mammary and uterine infections.

  • Each ml contains:

    Moxifloxacin 100 mg

    • Greater efficacy against gram positive and gram negative bacteria than earlier generation fluoroquinolones
    • Long 24hr dosing interval due to remarkable post antibiotic effect
    • Suitable for long term use with superior concentration dependent activity
    • Least chances of antibiotic resistance
    • Higher bactericidal concentration in plasma results in faster action

    • Respiratory infections like pneumonia,bronchopneumonia, bovine respiratory disease, HS and contagious bovine pleuro pneumonia
    • Mammary infections like Staphylococcal mastitis, Streptococcal mastitis, Coliform mastitis and Mycoplasmal mastitis
    • Uterine Infection like Metritis, Endometritis and Pyometra

  • 5mg/kg b.wt. by I/M or I/V route

  • 25ml vial with antiseptic swab


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