Each ml contains Cloprostenol Sodium 263 mcg equivalent to 250 mcg of Cloprostenol


Mode of Action:

  • GYNOSTART produces direct luteolytic action on corpus luteum.
  • Causes regression of corpus luteum (CL)
  • Causes contraction of uterine smooth muscle
  • Inhibits progesterone secretion


Indications, Dosage And Administration:

Species Indications Dosage Route
Cattle and Buffalo
  • Induction of oestrus
  • Luteal cyst
  • Pyometra/Chronic endometritis
  • Expulsion of mummified foetus
  • Termination of pregnancy
  • Induction of parturition
  • Oestrus synchronization
2 ml IM
  • Induction of Oestrus
0.5-1 ml IM
  • Persistent corpus luteum
  • Prevention of pseudopregnancy
  • Oestrus synchronisation
1-2 ml IM
Ewe/ Doe
  • Estrus synchronisation
  • Oestrus synchronisation
0.5-1 ml IM



Should not be used in pregnant animals except for termination of pregnancy


Storage Conditions:

Store below 250C. Protect from light



Vial of 2 ml

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