Description: A unique Flukicide enriched with goodness of hepato-protective agent Silymarine containing Oxyclozanide and Levamisole.

Pharmacology: Mechanism of Action:

Oxyclozanide stops production of ATP in flukes by inhibiting oxidative phosphorylation reaction. This leads to deficiency of energy in fluke’s body causing death.

Levamisole enhances production of acetylcholine from presynaptic neuron. Increased production of acetylcholine causes spastic paralysis of worm. Paralyzed worms are expelled from body.

Silymarine is proven hepato-protective agent. It stabilizes phospholipid of hepatocyte membrane thus prevents entry of toxins (released by metabolism of dewormer in liver) inside the hepatocyte. It enhances production of DNA and proteins which leads to faster regeneration of damaged liver cell only.


Oxyclozanide is absorbed slowly in animal body and highest serum concentration is achieved within 24 hours after oral administration. Levamisole is readily soluble in water and absorbed rapidly after from gut after oral dosing. Silymarine is also absorbed quickly from oral route. Oxyclozanide undergoes entero-hepatic circulation in body so therapeutic concentration is maintained in liver and bile ducts. Levamisole attain good concentration in entire GIT after oral administration. Silymarine is specially distributed to liver tissue after when given orally. Such distribution of all three drugs indicates that drugs are rationally available at site of action. Levamisole is an active drug but oxyclozanide metabolize to oxyclozanide glucuronide which is active form of drug. Silymarine is mixture of flavonolignans and silybin is its active ingredient. Oxyclozanide and Silymarine are excreted through faeces whereas levamisole is primarily excreted through urine.


Bolus: Each bolus contains

Oxyclozanide 4000 mg

Levamisole 2000 mg

Silymarine 300 mg
Suspension: Each ml contains
Oxyclozanide : 60 mg

Levamisole : 30 mg

Silymarin : 4 mg


Fluke infestation (Liver flukes, Rumen flukes, Schistosoma ) and Roundworm infestation.

Target Species: Cattle, Buffalo, sheep, goat and camel


  • Broad spectrum efficacy against Liver flukes, Rumen flukes, Schistosoma and Round worms
  • Safe in pregnancy
  • Protects and regenerates liver hepatocytes
  • Restore normal liver functions
  • Helps in faster recovery from anorexia

Dosage and Administration:

For Zebu cattle (weighing 300-350 kg): 1 bolus PO

For Cross-bred cattle and Buffaloes: 18-20 ml of suspension per 100 kg b.wt.


Bolus: Single bolus strip

Suspension: 90 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml

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