• BOVITRAZTM 5% EC is an emulsifiable concentrate containing Amitraz 12.5% W/V.
  • It is active against a broad spectrum of ticks, mites (mange), lice.


Mode of Action:

  • Antagonistic effect on octopamine receptors
  • Parasites become hyperexcited, paralyzed and eventually die
  • Detaches ticks from the animals
  • Stops ticks from feeding on the animals within 24 to 48 hrs
  • Paralysis of the ticks


  • Dermal absorption of topically administered amitraz is quite low, less than 10% in

dogs and pigs. However treatedanimalsmay ingest amitraz through licking and grooming.

  • Amitraz is vastly broken down to metabolites in the liver.
  • This occurs rather fast in ruminants, pigs and dogs, but much slower in horses, which may explain why they do not tolerate amitraz. Excretion is achieved through the kidneys 24 hours after treatment >60% of the administered dose is already excreted.


Each ml contains

Amitraz I.P..12.5%


  • For prevention and control of ectoparasites infestations like ticks, mites (mange), lice, sheep, goat, camel, pig & dogs (do not use in Chihuahua dogs & use with caution in toy breeds).
  • BOVITRAZTM5% EC kills tick, mite (mange), lice.
  • BOVITRAZTM5% EC kills the organophosphate, organ chlorine and pyrethroid resistant strains of ectoparasites.

Target Species:

  • Cattle, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat and Camel

Specific Precaution:

  • Harmful if swallowed
  • Irritating to eyes
  • Avoid contact by mouth
  • Wash hands and exposed skin thoroughly before Eating, Drinking, Smoking after work
  • Do not use in cats & horses
  • Do not use in pregnant and nursing bitches and puppies less than 3 months old

Directions For Use:

  • Spray: Make a premix by adding required quantity of BOVITRAZTM in a smaller

volume of water (2 ml of BOVITRAZTM / 1 lit of water for cattle / camel or 4 ml

of BOVITRAZTM / 1 lit of water for sheep / goat / pig / dog).

  • Stir thoroughly and then make up the balance quantity of water to make the final

spray solution.

  • Spray the whole animal body until thoroughly wet.

Dose and Administration:

BOVITRAZTM 12.5% to be used as spray or dip treatment.

Prepare spray on the day of treatment using clean water. Treat all infested and non

infested animals in a group at the same time.

Note: In severe cases of mange or lice a second treatment is recommended 7-10

days after the first treatment.

Side Effects:

  • Apart from occurrence of dose related somnolence in cattle and sheep which disappear spontaneously after a few hours.

Withdrawal Period:

  • Milk-7 hours after application. Meat-1 day for cattle and goats; and 7days for pigs

and sheep.


  • Store at ambient temperature. Store in a well closed container and away from direct


  • Keep out of reaching children.


  • BOVITRAZTM5% EC is available in 50 ml, 15 ml and 6 ml.


  • Do not use in Chihuahua dogs. Do not treat animal suffering from heat stress.
  • This product is not recommended for use on cats and horses.


  • Wide margin of safety at any stage of pregnancy in farm animals.

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