Ready to use “pour on” solution containing Flumethrin for control of ectoparasites.


Mode of Action:

  • The synthetic pyrethroid interferes with the sodium channels of nerve cell membranes, resulting in delay in repolarization of the nerve.
  • Alpha- cyano group pyrethroids like Flumethrin are more potent in these causing long lasting chains of repetitive firings in nerve cells.
  • No anti-cholinesterase activity is noted with synthetic pyrethroids.


  • Application of Flumethrin Pour-on Solution in cattle, Flumethrin is distributed all over the body surface but does not penetrate the skin in significant amounts.
  • Topically administered flumethrin remains mostly on the hair-coat of the treated animals and is very poorly absorbed through the skin. In contrast with natural pyrethrins and older synthetic pyrethroids flumethrin is quite resistant to UV- light, which allows a residual effect between 5 and 10 days for most sprays and dips.
  • Treated animals can ingest flumethrin through licking or grooming. A large amount of it is excreted unchanged through the faeces. The absorbed flumethrin is quickly metabolized in the liver to inactive metabolites that are excreted through urine. This is done by a specific enzyme calledglucuronidase.


Each ml contains:

Flumethrin ..10 mg


  • For control and management of all tick species, lice, Mange mites & Biting flies.
  • Including strains resistant to carbamates, aminides, organophosphate, organochlorine group of insecticides.

Target Species:



  • BOVITHRINTM – Pour-on Solution acts in two ways to control ticks; by direct lethal effect and uniquely by inhibiting the production of viable eggs from female ticks.
  • BOVITHRINTM exerts a longer residual effect compared with conventional dip or spray products.
  • Flumethrin 1 % residual efficiency period has been found to range between 20 – 70 days depending on intensity of infection and tick species involved.
  • BOVITHRINTM Pour-on formulation is oil based hence does not mix with water.
  • The efficiency of BOVITHRINTM Pour-on against tick infestation is essentially rainfast.
  • Heavy rainfall may have some effect on the length of the residual protective period.


Specific Precaution:

  • Keep out of children and uninformed persons. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membrane. In case of accidental contamination wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. The person administering the product to animals should avoid contact of BOVITHRINTM Pour-on with skin and mucous membrane. Protective clothing including gloves should be worn during administration of product. Do not eat, drink or smoke during administration.
  • In case of contact with skin wash immediately with soap and water. Eyes should be flushed immediately with water. If swallowed, obtain medical attention immediately for symptomatic treatment. Signs of intoxication are paresthesia, tremor of hyperkinesis.
  • No specific antidote known.

Side Effects:

  • As with other pyrethroids signs of restlessness which are transitory, may occur occasionally.

Dosage and Administration:

  • Apply BOVITHRINTM Pour-on Solution, 1 ml / 10 kg body weight, evenly along mid line of back from front of shoulders to tail setting using BOVITHRINTM – self applicator bottle.

Withdrawal Period:

  • There is no withholding period of meat, milk.

Antidote and Treatment of Flumethrin Intoxication:

  • There is no antidote for Flumethrin poisoning.
  • Treatment consists in preventing further exposure together with supportive and symptomatic measures.
  • In case of dermal exposure rinse the skin with abundant water and soft detergents.
  • After accidental ingestion administer activated charcoal (2g/kg), magnesium sulphate or sodium sulphate (0.5 mg/kg in a 10% aqueous solution)
  • Spasms can be treated with anticonvulsants (e.g. diazepam). If ineffective, Phenobarbital or pentobarbital can be tried.
  • Hyper-salivation can be treated with atropine.
  • In case of strong vomit and/or diarrhea rehydration measures should be considered.
  • Calcium gluconate and B complex vitamins can be used to protect the liver.


  • Store in a safe place, away from food and feed.


  • BOVITHRINTM available in 50 ml HDPE bottle.

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